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FREE COURSES TO PREPARE FOR THE MEDICAL LANGUAGE EXAM IN OUR VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (for doctors who are already registered at the employment agency in Germany)

Conversion of our classroom teaching to online teaching: Our next FSP - Course Medicine will probably start on 11 May 2020 - then - depending on the situation - online!

Conversion of our face-to-face lessons to online lessons: Our next specialist medical language course is scheduled to start on 11 May 2020 - then online for the first time, if classroom-attendance is not possible on the respective course dates.

Hello, everybody,

in view of the corona epidemic, Deutsch for Docs has decided to run the courses preparatory to the medical language examination online until further notice.

The chosen platform for this task offers the possibility of a virtual classroom, which can be used by the participants as well as by lecturers directly at their place of residence, be it in Germany or abroad. This eliminates the need for both the participants and the lecturers to appear in person at the common teaching location.

What do you need to take part in our online course?

As always, a B2 certificate is required to participate in our FSP courses. All you need is an Internet connection and an Internet-compatible device such as a notebook, tablet or mobile phone. The handling is very easy, we will prepare you in advance additionally with the help of tutorials and hints via PDF. A trial session is also planned.

The platform enables numerous features: In the default setting, each participant can see and hear each other and the instructor simultaneously. In this way, all participants get the feeling of working together. It is possible to enlarge the picture of the lecturer or the lecturing participant.

In addition to the video chat function, it is also possible to make the instructor's screen visible to the participants and, for example, to use the whiteboard, to call up and make files visible, to show videos or listen to audio. There is also the possibility to set up a chat for questions and comments from the participants, which can also be used to send files. The chat can be saved or deleted at the request of the participants for further editing.

The number of lessons, the supervision in the afternoon and also the assignment of the lecturers and simulation patients or tutors is guaranteed in our online course to the same extent as in the classroom course!

Participation in the online course is done via email notification with subsequent entry of the so-called Meeting ID, which you will receive from us. Registration with your personal data is therefore not mandatory. You will find detailed information on the data protection information below.

Our team of lecturers is currently working hard to familiarise themselves with the diverse application possibilities of the platform so that we can provide you with the best possible support.

We look forward to meeting you in our first session and wish you and all of us a successful online course!

Stay healthy!

We cordially greet you

Odile Ullner and Ewgeni Warnowizki, as well as the team of "Deutsch for Docs"

FSP - Exam simulation course for physicians with very good knowledge of German general language and medical terminology

Course 1
FSP - Online exam simulation course: 90 €/100 $

The team of Deutsch for Docs has simulated 10 examination cases in which you can wonderfully understand the three examination parts anamnesis, doctor's letter and doctor-doctor conversation with the help of our audios.

For each case you will find 2 audios for the anamnesis and the examination interview, 2 transcriptions of the audios and of course the doctor's letter.

In our introduction video you will find tips on how to best work with the materials.

If you need additional support, you can also book an individual coaching.

These are also possible in the evening or on weekends by arrangement.

Trial coaching (30 min.) - 20 €

(in the evening/at the weekend: 25 €

Individual coaching (60 minutes) - 40 €

(in the evening/at the weekend: 45 €)

Course 2
Supervised online course: Writing doctor's letters made easy : 240 €/267 $

10 writing tasks with checklist, tips and typical phrases with sample solution, individual correction and detailed discussion, if desired with additional voice message via WhatsApp

And this is how it works: You receive 10 anamnesis dialogs each as audio, listen to the dialogs, make notes and then write your doctor's letters based on your notes. You send us your letters by e-mail and we usually correct your letters within 24 hours.

In addition to a detailed correction and discussion of your letters, you will receive a doctor's letter from us for each examination case.

Our introductory video gives you tips on how to best work with the materials.

Course fee: 240 €/267 $

We wish you much pleasure and above all success with your technical language examination!


Odile Ullner and Ewgeni Warnowizki from Deutsch for Docs

Click here for the online course!


Keine Angst vor der Fachsprachprüfung Medizin!

"Deutsch for Docs" nimmt Sie an die Hand und führt Sie sicher durch die Prüfung!

Sie kennen theoretisch das Format der Fachsprachprüfung, möchten aber gern wissen, wie die Prüfung konkret aussieht? Dabei hilft Ihnen das bewährte Team von "Deutsch for Docs" mit unserem Online-Selbstlernprogramm:

Simulierte Fachsprachprüfungen Medizin (10 Prüfungsfälle)

Sämtliche Texte und Audios wurden von unserem Dozententeam sowie unseren Tutorinnen und Doktorandinnen von der Universitätsklinik Göttingen erstellt.

1. Anamnesegespräch (Audio + Transkription)

> Download Anamnesedialog (PDF)

2. Arztbrief

> Download Arztbrief (PDF)

3. Ärztliches Prüfungsgespräch (Audio + Transkription)

> Download Ärztliches Prüfungsgespräch (PDF)

Wie können Sie vorgehen? Hören Sie zunächst das Anamnesegespräch zwischen dem Arzt/der Ärztin und dem Patienten/der Patientin. Während des Hörens machen Sie Notizen und schreiben dann auf der Grundlage Ihrer Notizen einen Arztbrief. Vergleichen Sie dann Ihren Brief mit dem Arztbrief von Deutsch for Docs. Im Anschluss formulieren Sie eine kurze Patientenvorstellung und überlegen, welche Fragestellung zu diesem Fall passen könnte. Danach hören Sie sich das Prüfungsgespräch von "Deutsch for Docs" an. Wie ist es Ihnen ergangen? Haben Sie das Gefühl, dass Sie wesentliche Fragen gut beantworten können? Sind Sie sicher in der medizinischen Terminologie? Noch nicht?

Dann können Sie sich freuen: In Kürze beginnt unser FSP - Online-Simulationskurs mit insgesamt 10 Prüfungsfällen - auf Wunsch kombiniert mit individuellem Einzeltraining und individueller ausführlicher Arztbriefkorrektur!

Natürlich können Sie auch gerne an unseren Präsenzkursen teilnehmen. Diese starten jeweils Mitte Januar, Mai und September.

Gerne beraten wir Sie persönlich oder per WhatsApp unter +49-160-64 37 604.

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!
Ihr Team von "Deutsch for Docs"

"Deutsch for Docs" actually means "German for medical Doctors".

Why so?

If you book Deutsch for Docs, then you get on a train. Which station you board at, depends on your knowledge of German.

But wherever you get on the train, " Deutsch for Docs" takes you to your destination!

.... to the job you wish, at a hospital in your desired federal state. In Germany.

The choice is yours!


.....to prepare for the medical language examinations in Niedersachsen (Hannover) and Hessen (Frankfurt).

The medical language examination in Frankfurt is recognized in three federal states: in Hessen, Schleswig-Holstein and Saarland.

Information about the exams can be found here: Links:

Specialized language examination in Lower Saxony
Specialist exam in Hessen

The modular training is aimed at foreign physicians who are looking for work in a German hospital.

The need for well-trained doctors continues to increase. According to the "German Health News", there are 110000 doctors missing in Germany until 2030. Therefore, well-qualified doctors with a foreign qualification also have very good chances of finding attractive positions in a German hospital. In order to work as a doctor in Germany, you also need sufficient language skills. The Medical Association of Lower Saxony in Hanover and the Telc GmbH in Frankfurt carry out the specialized language examination for foreign doctors. We prepare you for these exams.

Our module contents are based on the current linguistic and communicative requirements in hospital operation. The modules build on each other and are not individually bookable.

Further details can be found

at the Medical Association of Lower Saxony.

Target group: Physicians with a university degree in medicine


  • Specialized Language Examination at the Medical Association in Hanover or at the Telc GmbH in Frankfurt (Telc German B2 / C1 Medicine Special Language Examination)
  • Carrier certificate: Certificate of successful completion of the specialized language course with assessment of written skills: listening comprehension, grammar, written communication (doctor's letter) as well as oral skills: anamnesis interview, information discussion and conversation with the medical colleague (patient case presentation)


  • Deutsch für Ärzte - BewerbungstrainingUniversity degree in Medicine

  • Deutschkurse für Ärzte - VermittlungOccupation / Approval in the home country

  • Deutsch für Ärzte - BeratungOccupation / Approval in the home country

Class times (face-to-face lessons):

Mondays to Fridays from 8:30 to 13:30

(We reserve the right to change the timetable)

Trainer-supported self-study with online supplementary materials

Approximately 2 h daily

Dr. Shahul in the Rhön Clinic

Dr. Igboerika in the clinic Hann Muenden

Dr. Igor Matykhin from Russia

Ekaterina Stepanova, Doctor from Russia

Vishal Pandey, Doctor from India

Raghavender Goud Akkala, Doctor from India

Odile Ullner from Göttingen in Lower Saxony - Management and Project Management of the Intercultural Language Service Medicine (Deutsch for docs)

Wazeem Shahul from India, graduate of our FSP courses - medical assistant for orthopedics in Bavaria

Tenzil Gomez from India, graduate of our FSP courses - assistant physician for psychiatry in Schleswig Holstein

Vira Kobets from Ukraine, graduate of our FSP COURSES - neonatology assistant in Anhalt

Ekene Igboerika from Nigeria, graduate of our FSP courses - internship for internal medicine in Lower Saxony



  • Deutschkurse für Ärzte - VermittlungPromotion:

    By education voucher (SGBIII / II) of the employment agency
    see also here

  • Deutsch für Ärzte - BeratungJob search:

    Application training; individual coaching; Contacts to clinics in Lower Saxony; Coaching before job interviews

  • Deutsch für Ärzte - BeratungTrainer:

    Experienced doctors and German lecturers with the additional qualification "German for physicians"

Jobs für Ärzte

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