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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions come up over and over again - here, we've answered some of the most important questions for you, so you can quickly inform yourself.If your question is not answered here, please turn to us directly.

1. Medical language courses

a) Requirements for participation:

A medical diploma, proof of German language skills at the level of B2 (for the main course) or at least an A1/A.2.1-certificate (for the basic course)

b) Course duration:

The main course B2/C1 lasts 12 weeks, 360 contact hours (the basic course lasts 24 weeks with 720 contact hours). A contact hour lasts 45 minutes.

c) Can we get an internship?

Without a work permit you cannot get an internship in a hospital, but we organize internships in the nursing sector of the University Medical Center Göttingen or in doctors‘ offices. Even here, there is only a limited number of internships available, so, unfortunately, we cannot guarantee internships.

d) How are our courses different from general language courses?

  • German for doctors - Specialist language examination The B2/C1 – course medicine will prepare you for the medical specialist language examination, which is a requirement for getting a work permit and license to practice medicine. A hospital is only allowed to hire you, if you have passed this exam and received your work permit. You cannot work without a work permit. There are several key differences between a “normal” German language course and our course for doctors:

  • German for doctors - medical German and Business German A normal German language course teaches you general German language – in our course, we will also learn professional medical German and business German, because a doctor in a hospital needs both.

  • German for doctors - Medical Association NiZzA A general German language course will take you from A2 to B2 in 3 steps, which you need to book separately, often with an interval in-between. In our basic course, this can be done without intervals. If you already have a B2 – certificate, our main course will prepare you for the official specialist language examination at the Medical Association / NiZzA.

  • German for doctors - Online teaching In addition to the classroom training in our courses, you will receive an abundance of online-materials on medical and language topics, including video-clips, audio-files, etc.

  • German for doctors - small groups In general German language courses, the number of participants is usually around 20 to 25 participants, we will teach you in small groups.

  • German for doctors - doctors teaching doctors In general German language courses, you will be taught by German language teachers – in our courses for doctors, obviously, you will be taught both by doctors and German language teachers. The latter have acquired an special additional qualification to teach doctors.

  • German for doctors - cheap Our courses are more expensive – now you know why ☺

2. Course fees

a) How much does the course cost?

If you are sponsored by the state, for example if you are registered as seeking employment in Germany, the course will cost you nothing. Please talk to us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

If you are paying yourself, the Main course B2/C1 (12 weeks) will cost you 2 500 €. Basic course for self-payer: On request

b) How do I pay?

Plese visit our page "Booking" and download the registration form for the course you are interested in (basic course or main course).

fill in the form, sign it, scan it, and send it to us.

We will then send you a booking confirmation with an invoice by e-mail. The invoice amount is due immediately and must be registered on our account within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Only after we receive the payment, we will send you a registration confirmation and payment confirmation which you can submit to the (Foreign) Authority.

c) Sponsoring and Credit:

The German state sponsors programs for foreign doctors who already live in Germany and registered as looking for work. They must also have work experience. Please talk to us!

If you are paying yourself, you can also deduct course fees, cost for accommodation, books, etc. from your taxes.

3. Cost of accommodation:

We co-operate with an agency that takes care of accommodation. Please refer to Ms. Arnold.

On average, a room costs between 260 and 300 € per month.

4. Visa

For the 12-week main course, you only need a Schengen-visa. You can easily apply for that at the German embassy in your country. All you need is an invitation, which we will send you after receipt of payment.

a) What kinds of visa are there? Which visa do I need?

For a longer stay (more than 90 days), you will need a national visa. So, if you want to first do the basic course and then the main course afterwards, you will need a national visa. This also requires an invitation from us, and you will also need to prove a blocked account in Germany. Please inquire with Ms. Arnold for further information.

b) How do I get a visa?

Please see this link of the Foreign Department with information on Schengen and national visa.

c) Can you help me get a visa?

After receipt of payment, we will issue you a receipt you can submit to the German embassy. We are an institute with internationally recognized certification. Therefore, there should be no problems in getting a visa.

d) Blocked account

You will need this for a national visa (see 4. b), and the link of the Foreign Department)

5. Working in Germany

On this topic, please also see the link of the Foreign department, or inquire with Ms. Arnold..