Hello, dear doctors,

I greet you today particularly merrily – today is a beautiful day! Our doctors took the Telc – FSP – exam in Frankfurt today. And all have passed the oral examination!!

The results of the written examination will only be announced in approx. 7-8 weeks. But the most important thing is the difficult oral examination. As you know, this consists of three parts: Anamnesis, patient presentation and doctor’s letter.

After long weeks of learning, the time has finally come to relax a little. We are very happy for our wonderful participants and wish them all good luck, success and above all nice colleagues in the hospital.

Well, now it’s time to say goodbye: In the New Year, our participants will work in very different regions of Germany: in hospitals in Hesse, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein and Saarland.

And now I would like to introduce our participants to you:
Examination simulation in the seminar room: An Indian doctor takes the anamnesis – 2 examiners listen attentively!

In the student medical simulation center of the University Clinic Göttingen: In gynaecology – where birth is easy – tutor Sophie shows how to do it:)

eye examination

After the strenuous examinations you have to strengthen yourself – in the canteen of the university clinic

Shortly before the exam – Everyone is a little tense

Our two Indian doctors get along wonderfully with this elderly lady!

Last course day – and suddenly they’re all gone:(

Wir werden Sie alle vermissen!!!! Es war wunderbar, mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten:)

Bye, everyone – we’ll be in touch!

But first of all we have to relax and let the old year end comfortably.
With this in mind, we wish you all a peaceful Advent and a pleasant pre-Christmas period!
Stay healthy!
Odile Ullner

With Deutsch for Docs – safe in the medical language exam!

You are a doctor, already have work experience and speak German at level B2?

Would you like to work in a German clinic? – Perfect!

Then come to our 12-week intensive training course – almost all of our participants (approx. 85-90%) have passed the FSP in recent years.


Our secret of success and what we offer you:

  • An excellent team of doctors and lecturers for German as a foreign language
  • All relevant examination cases – excitingly processed in the form of videos, audios and authentic examination materials for the 2nd Medical State Examination
  • Six-week intensive examination training with simulation patients and tutors from Göttingen University Hospital, approx. 18 – 20 times examination simulation with doctors and simulation patients, with detailed follow-up and analysis (anamnesis survey (20 min.); doctor’s letter (20 min.) discussion with a medical colleague and presentation of the patient (20 min.); correction of at least 15 doctor’s letters on examination-relevant topics
  • Regular terminology tests
  • Three major tests
  • 2 presentations per participant on exam-relevant topics

The lessons take place daily from 9 – 14 o’clock. In the afternoon you will be given practical tasks and additional materials online.

You will also receive regular WhatsApp support. From day one, you will be connected in your WhatsApp group with each other and with the instructors, so that you can ask questions to the team of instructors or get a lot of online support. Deutsch for Docs doesn’t leave you alone J


What we need from you:

  • Your diploma (Bachelor)
  • If possible, professional experience
  • CV
  • Certificate B2


Course fee: 2600 €

If you already live in Germany and are registered as unemployed here, the course fee will be paid by the employment agency.

Please contact us: We will be happy to help you!


Contact: info@deutsch-for-docs.de

Phone +49 – 551 – 79 43 42

Mobile: +49 – 160 – 64 37 604