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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions arise again and again - we have answered some of the most important questions for you so that you can inform yourself quickly. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to contact us.

1. Doctor's courses

a) Requirements for participation:

A medical diploma or equivalent and a certificate German B2.

b) Course duration:

The FSP course (to prepare for the language examination) lasts 12 weeks, 360 hours of attendance.

c) Can we do an internship?

Without a work permit, you are generally not allowed to complete an internship in a clinic. After completing the FSP course, our colleague Ms Arnold von Deutschland Academy would be pleased to help you to find an internship.

d) Differences to general language courses:

  • German for doctors - Specialist language examination The B2 / C1 - Course FSP - Medicine prepares you for the medical language examination, which is a prerequisite for the granting of the professional license and approbation. A hospital is only entitled to hire you if you have passed this exam and have been granted the occupational permit. You may not work without a work permit. There are some important differences between a "normal" German course and our medical course:

  • German for doctors - medical German and Business German In our courses, you will receive a wealth of online materials on medical and language topics, including video clips, audio files, etc., as a supplement to classroom teaching.

  • German for doctors - Medical Association NiZzA In general German courses, the number of participants is usually 20 to 25 participants - with us the maximum number of participants is 16 participants.

  • German for doctors - Online teaching In general German courses you will be taught by German teachers - in our doctors courses you will of course be taught by both doctors and German teachers. Our lecturers for German as foreign language, however, have acquired an additional qualification specifically for teaching doctors.

  • German for doctors - small groups Our courses are more expensive. Now you also know why :-)

2. Course fee

a) How much is the course?

If you are being promoted, because you in Germany are registered as seeking employment, then the course costs you nothing. Please ask us, we are happy to advise you.

b) For doctors who are interested in a long - term language course, we offer our basic course German medicine (A2 - B2 +) in combination with the FSP course. In addition to the everyday language, the basic course prepares you stress-free for the requirements of written and oral communication in the hospital. An important component is the writing of dismissal letters and official transfer mails, protocols, etc. Basic course and FSP course last 42 weeks. Please contact us for further information.

c) How do I pay?

Please go to the "Booking" page and download the registration form. Fill out the form, sign it, scan it and send it to us. We will then send you an order confirmation with invoice by e-mail.

The invoice amount is due immediately and must be received by us within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. Only after receipt of payment you will receive a confirmation of registration and payment certificate, which you can also use for submission to the (foreign) authorities

d) Promotion / Credit:

The German government supports programs for foreign doctors who already live in Germany and are registered as seeking employment. You must also have work experience. Please contact us! As a self-payer, after the course you will be able to pay the tuition and accommodation costs, teaching materials, etc. deduct from your taxes

3. Cost of accommodation:

We cooperate with an agency that takes care of accommodations. Please contact Ms. Arnold at A room costs on average between 260 - 300 € per month.

4. Visa

For the 12-week main course, a Schengen visa is sufficient. You can request this from your embassy without any problems. Prerequisite is an invitation, which you get after receiving payment from us.

a) What types of visas are there? Which visa do I need?

For a longer stay you need a national visa. So if you want to do the basic course first and then the main course, you need a national visa. Again, you will need an invitation from us and you also have to prove a blocked account in Germany. For more information, please contact Ms. Arnold,

b) How do I get a visa?

For this purpose, the Foreign Office provides information that you can view here.

c) Can you help with the visa issue?

After receipt of payment, we issue you with a certificate, which you present to the German Embassy. We are an institute with an internationally recognized certification. Therefore, there should be no problems with visa issuance.

d) blocked account

You need this for a national visa. (see point 4 b, link of the Foreign Office)

5. Working in Germany

The Foreign Office also provides information here. If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Arnold