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Professional medical translations by Ewgeni Warnowizki Doctor from Moscow, working in Germany for more than 20 years as:

- Specialist translator for medicine, pharmaceutics, medical technology and law

- Generally sworn interpretor and translator at the District Court (Landgericht) Göttingen

- - Interpretor for the Lower Saxonian Health Authority at the district hospital Werra-Meißner in Eschwege (January 2011 – December 2012)

Further focus of my translations:

- Translation and attestation of documents and certificates(express-service available)

Quality Control:

Our team includes Odile Ullner, a graduate translator for Russian and French (University of Saarbruecken, 1985) and several freelance colleagues with university degrees. We work according to the mother tongue principle, meaning we translate only into our native tongues. Also, all translations are carefully proof-read by a second translator.

Please test our quality – we will gladly translate a short text ( ~ 15 lines) as a sample for you. Simply send us your text by e-mail. Once you’re happy, we will make you a non-binding offer for translating your full text.

Customers and references:

Hoechst • Merck • Logrus International • MPÜ • Übersetzungsbüro Bartoschek
Niedersächsisches Landesgesundheitsamt • Arbeitsagentur Berlin – Süd • Berlin – Chemie
Medax • Gerberding • Medizinischer Sprachendienst
Übersetzungsbüro Wagner, Wien • Arbeitsagentur Flensburg • Ca. 50 andere Arbeitsagenturen in Deutschland